Monitoring Services

Central monitoring services are the most common and comprehensive product available for the modern alarm system. Upon activation of your alarm system our 24 hour monitored central station will receive your activation. The modern alarm system will give you much more detailed information of what has happened. They will know what and where sensors have activated within your premises giving you and the Gardai detailed information of the seriousness of the activation.

Most popular products:

CSL Dual Com International

Designed with the highest risk premises in mind . The ultimate signalling solution for premium commercial installations.
Where the use of GSM blocking devices are a real threat DualCom International will detect and alert the ARC even if the backup PSTN or IP path is also compromised. Polled every 3 minutes so you will know of an attack at the earliest
possible instance. Its 96 hour memory log provides an infallible record of on-board activity

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CSL "Digi Air"

DualCom DigiAir® is a groundbreaking wireless digital communicator embracing the long-standing concept of a digi and combining it with the multinetwork WorldSIM® as standard. DigiAir® uses the formula that has been so successful for the standard digi. Instead of a telephone line it simply utilises all mobile networks via a radio path.

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